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Please select from the options presented below to create your PPC Hardback Books (Printed Paper Case) for printing. When you are happy with your selections, click 'Add to basket' to finalise the order.
Trim size

If the size you require is not listed, for quote purposes select the nearest size up from that you need. When ordering advise us of the size required.

Inner Mono/Colour
No Pages
Inner Paper Required
'Inner' refers to the physical pages of the book.
Colour plates
Colour pages within a mono book, these are called plate sections. Printed on 130gsm Silk coated. Please choose how many pages are in colour. Divisible of 2. If there are more than 32 pages of colour, please revert to full colour inner pages.
PPC Printing
PPC Paper
PPC Lamination
Special PPC Finishes
Endpapers – A piece of plain or printed, 140gsm offset paper folded into four pages to the page size, sewn or pasted to the first and last section to secure the book to the case or binding.
Binding PPC Hardback
Casebinding (Hardback) – A method of binding in which the cover is made separately but consists of rigid boards covered with printed paper, in such a manner that the covering material surrounds the outside and the edges of the board. Covers always project beyond the trimmed edges of the text pages. PPC = Printed paper Case
Round or Square Spine
Square Back spine is the standard. Rounded spine is more costly.
Sewn Binding
Section sewing is the traditional method for fixing pages together and involves the pages being thread sewn together prior to being glued. It is considered a superior method for book production as the finished product opens flat and there is no risk of any sheets falling out. Please note that to sewn bind we require the page extent to be divisible by 16 or 32 page sections.
Head and Tail Bands
Head and tail bands are the little pieces of cloth on the top and bottom of the spine, hiding the glue binding. They are an optional extra.
Marker Ribbon
A marker ribbon or ribbon bookmark is great for notebooks, journals and reference books. They are wonderful to keep your place in a book.
Files supplied as
We work from files supplied as print ready PDF. One file for the cover with the correct spine set up (we can supply the spine width, please call for this 01525 621742). The other for the inner in single page order (Not as spreads) from page one to the back, with all fonts and images embedded. 3mm bleed must be allowed if the print runs to the edge of the page. If you need assistance with file preparation please call for advice.
Proof Options
We recommend a loose printed proof. This is to ensure you are happy with the printed result before full production commences.
We recommend a loose printed proof. This is to ensure you are happy with the printed result before full production commences.
ISBN Services
ISBN is required only if you wish to sell through retail and distribution channels. You will need to allow 6 copies from your order to be sent to The British Library, and Legal Deposit Libraries. For example if you order 100 copies we will send you 94 and the remainder will fulfil the ISBN legal requirements.
For Non UK deliveries please request a quote separately. Prices are based on weight and zone of destination.
Quantity Minimum order: 25

Product Description

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