The colour book just became more affordable!

Colour Books with Print2Demand are now affordable

Some book printers who are quoting colour books are being a little over zealous with their pricing for colour books using inkjet presses and are not telling customers the whole story.

We have seen a few quotes that clients have supplied as an example estimate to beat from a couple of UK book printers, who in the small print are advising customers that their estimate is based on an average coverage of 10% throughout the book, (Another of our competitors small print is saying 25%).

As a general rule we have only ever seen 4 colour books, with a 10% coverage in a book that has colour full stops or a strap line, so what this does is draw customers in and then informs them once they have seen the files that they have to pay more because the coverage is higher.

Print2Demand on the other hand, are not restricting coverage, and we are offering a much higher quality colour product, which has far superior finishing option.

We do realise in some instances our prices may be slightly more expensive, but as mentioned above we are producing a better quality product, at a very competitive price with no hidden extras!

Please do give us a try!