Book printing advice for beginners

If this is your first time printing a book you may feel a little overwhelmed by it all. But never fear, Book Printing is here to help! We specialise in book printing for self-publishers and are experts in the book printing business. We are here to help you understand all the terms and options available to you. Let’s begin:

Consider the size of your book

One of the first things to consider is the size of the book you are wanting to print. There are a number of standard and tried-and-tested sizes to choose from, as well as customisable options too. If there is a certain size you are looking for, let us know and we will advise on the cost implications. Also whether there is something similar that might be better suited to your project.

What are your paper options?

There’s more to the paper of a book than meets the eye. The style of book you are printing will determine which type of paper is best suited to your project. Coated paper has a smoother feel and has either matt, silk, or gloss finish. Ideal for more photographic publications. Whilst uncoated paper has a slightly ‘coarser’ finish with a more tactile quality. Ideal for novels. Give thought to the use of colour in your book. And whether full colour pages or black and white work best. Whether you’re looking to print double-sided or single-sided may also help to determine which paper option will work for you.

Book Printing

Book Printing-Choose a hardback cover or softback cover. 

Determined by the type of book you are printing. Also driven by cost. Hardback covers are more costly to produce. So if this is your first publication and you have a tight budget, you may want to consider a soft cover in the first instance. Hardback covers do have an element of prestige to them, so be mindful of who you are trying to sell to, and whether the cost is worth it. For more help and advice, check out our How to Choose A Cover When Publishing A Book blog.

Give thought to your binding options

Depending upon the type of book you are printing, and the size of book you are printing, you should give serious thought to the most appropriate book binding options. There’s perfect binding, which involves gluing the pages into the cover before trimming to give a perfect finish; saddle stitched binding, ideal for smaller booklets or sample chapters; or even wiro-binding, ideal for larger text and informative books. otherwise known as ring binding.

Distribution and fulfilment

How you are planning to sell and distribute your book needs careful consideration. This will determine just how many you need to print and which printing process might best suit your needs. If you have space to store your books, and are planning to sell them yourself, you may want to consider more traditional printing methods as this can work out cheaper. But be mindful of the number of copies you want to print; you should really only print as many copies as you believe you can sell – otherwise you might find yourself inundated with unwanted product for years to come.

Different book printing methods

Traditional printing is used for longer print runs and there is a minimum print order. Where as digital printing allows for shorter print runs. Costs per book are usually higher for digital printing, however, the number of books is significantly lower than traditional methods – 100s vs 10s. Turnaround for digital printing is shorter (7 working days compared to 15+ working days). So, if you have a sense of urgency, digital printing might be the way to go.  

This is another option some authors may wish to consider. It utilises virtual distribution of your book, meaning when your book is ordered, a single copy is printed and dispatched automatically. It’s the lowest cost route on the market and is available through many larger online retailers. For more help on what is best for you, check out our Short run vs litho book printing – which is best? blog.

Choose Book Printing

Whatever type of book you need to publish, BookPrinting has got you covered. Manufactured to an exceptionally high standard, we offer the best online book printing service for self-publishers, and are renowned for the quality of books we produce. Our dedicated team have a wealth of experience in the book production and publishing arena and can provide assistance to anyone who wants to know how to get a book printed and bound.

We offer short run hardbound book printing, custom book printing, and paperback printing, all within the UK. Whatever your requirements, we are confident we can help! Whether you’re looking to order book printing online or are looking for a free bespoke estimatecontact us today and let us help you to get a book printed. Call us on 01525 621742 / 01525 621754 or email: