Booklet or book – which is best for professional book printing services?

If you’re looking for professional book printing services in order to print a document but are unsure whether it would be better printed as a book or a booklet, we can help. The main differences between the two comes down to the number of pages, binding and function of the product. In this article, we are breaking down the terms book and booklet so you can better understand the differences and decide which option works better for you and your project. Let’s take a look:

What is a booklet?

A booklet is essentially a little book, smaller in size and in page count to a book (usually up to 36 pages) and are the perfect choice for posting, for this very reason. Because of their size they tend to be saddle-stitched, but perfect bound and wire-o bound are also an option at times. They can also either have a self-cover, which is the same weight as the inner pages or a soft-cover, which is slightly thicker. They are cheaper to print than books and can be used for a variety of products.

Types of booklets

A booklet usually contains promotional materials, such as a new product or service, or an event such as a festival or fundraiser. They can be easily mailed out directly to clients because of their small size as well as handed out to customers at trade events.

What is a book?

A book is usually full size, always with a cover stock thicker than the inner pages, and they tend to be perfect bound, with considerably more pages than a booklet – ranging from 28 pages up to 2” thick. They can also be wire-o bound, and sometimes even saddle-stitched (say for a colouring book) but they are usually a far bigger product than a booklet. They can be printed with a hard cover option, and they can also become a digital e-book if required.

Types of books

The types of books you will find range from novels and art books, to cook books and travel brochures. Books have a longer lasting impression than booklets and produce a greater weight in their existence. They take more time to produce and therefore are intended to last longer than a booklet too.

Booklet or book? – Choose Book Printing

In a nutshell, a book is typically more formal and professional. Whilst a booklet is a really useful marketing tool for businesses to boost their brand, products and or service to increase sales.

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