How To Choose A Cover When Publishing A Book

Writing and publishing your own book can be a mammoth undertaking with many different facets of the process to comprehend and tackle. Once the content has been finalised, there is the printing and publication aspects to consider. And even within that, there are many different considerations. One of those aspects is deciding upon the most relevant and appropriate covers for your work. There are different options –  each with their own benefits, advantages, and reasons for choosing them. Consulting with and/or using online book printing services can be a great help in making these important decisions. Here are some of the considerations:

When to consider hardback book printing as your best option 

This is a hardback cover usually lined with fabric and has a sewn spine for durability – they are often wrapped with a paper cover in colour to protect their cover. Hardback covered books also sometimes have a case wrap – a laminated, glossy finish producing a more formal or high-end appearance. Hardback covers are designed for their durability and longevity and are most often displayed in bookstores. Most library shelves will be stocked with hardcover books too. Hardback book printing is the preferred method for novels and such works. Most regular, big-selling authors will have their new works initially published and sold as hardbacks, and then released as the more affordable paperback option twelve months later. There are many other types of books that suit hardback book printing as well. Memory books, cookbooks and history books are all examples but the list is not exhaustive. If you want your book to stand the test of time, hard back book printing will be ideal. 

When Paperback Covers are a great option

This is a softback book cover making the book lighter and more portable, ideal for carrying round, maybe on a commute or to take on holiday. This is the favourite book cover type overall – they are designed for affordability rather than appearance and are used for all manner of book genres from children’s books to science fiction, mystery novels through to the mass market of the romance genre.

Choosing The Best Cover Type

There are different considerations to take into account when choosing your book cover type:

What’s the Purpose of your book?

Consider the main purpose of your book – is it the type of book that your average reader will want to take out with them – perhaps read on the commute into work – or is it more of a reference book, something like a cookbook, dictionary, or a manual? If it is a more ‘casual’ book, designed to be portable and read in different, varied locations then the better choice is probably a paperback cover. If the book is likely to be more of a reference manual, referred to often but for specific purpose, then a hardback cover may be your preferred choice.

Your budget is an important factor to what you can do

You will, naturally, consider the cost of covering your publication. Generally speaking, a paperback cover will prove less costly than a hardback book finish. If it is important that your book has a more ‘high-end’, luxurious look then a case wrap or dust jacket finish should be your choice.

What image do you wish to portray about the quality of your book?

A hardback book printed cover will give the appearance of higher quality than the paperback alternative, and provides greater durability against wear and tear, therefore maintaining that quality look for longer and giving the book a greater shelf-life.

Who is your target audience?

Identifying who your book is written for is an important consideration in opting for your book cover type. For example, if you have written a children’s book then you must consider the possible treatment and wear and tear to which it may be exposed, so a case wrap may be a good choice as a paperback is not so hardy and the book may suffer more extensive damage when children play with it.

Books aimed at more adult audiences may be better suited to a classic hardback cover with a wrap.

Consulting a professional book printing services company will furnish you with all the relevant information and guidance you need to make the best decision for the most appropriate book covering for your publication.

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