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When you have worked hard on writing or compiling your book, you will want to market your finished product as best and as profitably as possible. When considering the publication options for your book there are many considerations – here are aspects on online book printing you should be aware of:

Hardcover Book Printing

There are a few things to consider when deciding on the format and finish of your book – firstly, should it be published in hardback or paperback? Consider aspects such as the book’s genre, the pricing and cost elements, and future potential options for your book.

What is the Genre

Some styles or genres of books suit a hardback cover, whilst others are more normally the subject of paperback or softcover book printing. Establish whether your particular book content is the type of book that normally appears in hardback – for example, cookbooks, some adult novels, and publications such as atlases or ‘coffee table’ books are normally found in hardback – if your book is of that ilk then your target market will expect to find and purchase it in the hardback format. Browse around your local bookstore to see how similar content books are displayed – if they are typically produced through hardcover book printing then you should probably adopt the same approach for your book. This is not, however, an exact science as such – don’t dismiss the notion of your book being published in hardback just because similar books are displayed in softback – consider how your book may stand against potential paperback ‘competition’ – it could be that yours being the exception to the rule will make it more prominent on the shelf and garner attention because of it!

Indeed, with books that been printed in multiple formats, many people opt for the hardcover version because of its’ sturdier, durable, and more expensive professional appearance – the hardback cover offers a perception of superior quality than its’ softcover alternative, albeit with the exact same content inside!

Different Formats

The book printing business offers multiple opportunities for the same book – by publishing your book in hardback initially, it is often a practice to republish in a less expensive paperback version some months later, and then again as an audiobook at another future date.

Reflect on Pricing

It is essential to weigh-up the cost of hardcover book printing and binding against potential numbered sales – establish the range of prices that would keep your book competitive whilst remaining profitable. Investigate similar book genre and sizes available in bookstores and online – in some cases it may not be viable to choose hardcover over softcover book printing – the costs of the printing and binding itself need to be considered, as well as the likelihood of bookstores initially ordering large numbers of copies, especially if this is your first book or you do not yet have an established reputation.

Consult with a reputable online book printing company for advice – whether your book lends itself to full colour book printing or in a simple black-and-white text, a company established in the book printing business will have experienced and knowledgeable staff to guide you to your best options.

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