Different types of luxury book printing

Lavish, indulgent, extravagant, opulent, sumptuous; these are all words that describe Luxury. So, when it comes to luxury book printing, the stock, finishing and size of the book should echo these sentiments. Almost all luxury books are hardback, as there is an added element of regard and esteem when it comes to hardback books. And dust jackets or PPCs (printer paper cases) are also very popular with luxury books, adding a layer of gravitas, as well as protection.

With this is mind, there are certain types of publications that exude these qualities more so than others. Let’s take a look:

Types of Luxury books

Fashion books and magazines are still one of the most iconic types of luxury book printing out there. As with fashion, they push the envelope, using new and exciting techniques and finishes to make their mark. 

Photography books are best-known for their full bleed images. They can be a mixture of full colour or mono, usually with a slightly thicker stock to give the feel of photographic paper.

Art and Design books have a broader range of styles, depending on the artwork or the design. In-keeping with their content, they can choose to embrace different finishing styles, paper stock, and sizes. 

Museum and exhibition books tend to be more of a directory of pieces but their style still exudes an element of luxury, with clean lines, white space and limited text.

High end Travel books also radiate luxury, usually through striking photography, and a simple page layout to keep things crisp

Luxury without limits

When it comes to luxury book printing, the possibilities are endless. Consider using different finishes such as; spot UV, foil embossing, and blind embossing. Or why not play with the paper stock and have a look at; wibalin buckram or fine linen cloths. Nothing screams luxury quite like a dust jacket or PPCs (printed paper cases). And even special finishing touches, such as coloured or printed endpapers, can really set your book apart from the rest. Why not consider choosing a completely bespoke size for something truly unique. If you want to know how to print a book, and for your book to exude luxury, look no further than BookPrinting.


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