5 Reasons To Choose Hardback Book Printing

When it comes to printing a book, the first question you tend to ask yourself is whether or not you should go for a hardback cover. There’s no denying that a hardback book is the absolute premium, and the number one choice for many authors. Whilst it may not always be the best choice for a print project, nor is it the most economical, there are many benefits to hardback covers. We’ve pulled together 5 reasons to choose hardback book printing over everything else.

A Prestigious And Timeless Feel

If you want to make an impression, a hardback cover is the way to go. In the digital age, having something with a physical presence is still a worthwhile investment. The sheer size, weight and smell of something as physical as a book can make a huge difference to the senses and entice others to delve in deeper than if it were online. Even when technology feels all-encompassing, a solid book is still a sure-fire way to determine prestige and quality.

Higher Quality And More Durable

Whether your book is destined to be read by many people, destined to sit on a shelf for all to see, or even destined to lay out on a coffee table, there is no denying that a hardback cover is made to withstand the test of time. It has a greater protection from wear and tear, as the binding process is much longer and more complex than any other binding process. With more components than any other print, such as endpapers, endbands, covering material, card, back and bookmark, it truly produces something of substance and durability.

Retaining A Unique Look 

Hardback books offer up their own unique look and feel through a variety of special finishing options that aren’t available with other forms of binding. As well as paper, you can use cloth fabric, and real or fake leather to create something truly bespoke. You can add embossing, relief printing, hot stamping or even screen printing to produce something truly unique. The spine can be straight or round, depending on your preference – and thickness (there needs to be 15mm for a round spine). And you can even have an endband on the spine, which is a small piece of fabric glued from top to bottom, to add a sense of style and prestige, allowing you to create something genuinely special and visible from afar.

Versatile For A Variety Of Projects

Hardback covers are ideal for almost any type of printing project, from law books, medical texts, engineering or architectural books, through to yearbooks, art books, and children’s books. As long as your manuscript is between 30-400 pages, you can truly reap the benefits of a hardcover book binding.

A Good Choice For Self-Publishers

Hardback covers come with a great sense of credibility. It adds a touch of class, distinguishedness and sophistication to a book that no other binding option can offer. So, if you’re a self-publisher a hardback book cover is the ideal choice to present yourself as a serious author. Consider a print on demand hardcover book for your next publication.

Choose Book Printing 

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