How To Create a Journal Or Notebook

Many of us use a notebook or journal for a myriad of different reasons – journals are often used for personal and intimate reasons, such as self-reflection and private feelings or thoughts, whilst notebooks are often used for more general purposes such as work, school, or organizational lists. Whether you want to create a journal or a notebook there are some commonalities to consider with regards to format and design types. You can have your own personal books printed to your specific requirements and layout by an online luxury book printing company. Here are some aspects of journal and notebook printing to consider:

Design The Cover Carefully

The cover of your notebook is very important. Notebooks or journals are designed, by the very nature of their function, to be carried around and used on a daily basis, and so are seen by many people in many random places. Ensure your notebook cover is memorable. Use vivid colours and images to catch the attention and highlight the journal.

Curate Your Pages 

There many different formats of pages that can be used when creating a notebook, depending upon what the content of the notebook will be – the most basic form of notebook is with simple lined pages. Lined notebooks allow written entries of any kind, from shopping lists to personal notes and observations, and is the function for which most people would want a journal.

Dot Grid, or Blank Pages, are also very popular as they also allow freeform written entries, or perhaps sketches and illustrations, if that is what the owner wants from the notebook. These basic design interiors offer versatile and flexible use of the journal.

A Planner Notebook

There are more specific styles of, and uses for, notebooks. Amongst these, planners are very popular. Whilst many of us keep lists and notes on our smartphones these days, there is still a place for written versions. Many find written lists and instructions are easier to refer to and feel that they have a more reliable and constant reminder of these details. Writing things down further commits these details to memory than typing them into a phone – and you can’t accidentally erase an important list by mistake!

Task Specific Planner

Whilst many use a journal as a ‘general’ planner tool, people often use notebooks for a specific topic or subject. You may have a planner to plot your care of your garden – seasonal planting, regular feeding, and care of your plants and such – or for collecting and recording specific recipes for cooking if that is a hobby you are pursuing. They can used to document anything from football fixtures and results to travel details and guides.

A Function For Writing Daily

Many of us keep journals, or diaries, of our everyday lives and experiences, recording daily activities (not matter how ordinary or mundane) perhaps purely for reference, or to plot the progress of different aspects of our lives. These personal journals can record important events, experiences, and feelings for posterity, either for ourselves or others in the future. Another use for a daily written journal is for recording thoughts and ideas as you go through your day. You may be involved in a creative business or pastime where new ideas are important A journal allows you to record these thoughts, ideas or observations as you come across them. How many times have you thought of, or noticed, something and said “ I must remember that” only to find, when you are home again, you cannot recall what it was!

Guided Journaling For Health

People use notebooks as ‘guided journals’ – a journal that will offer relevant ‘prompts’, or reminders on a specific topic or situation. Journals are used a lot for people plotting health issues, both mental and physical, and for personal advancement and empowerment. These notebooks can be important tools in managing and recording relevant events and details in these sorts of issues.

Using A Journal For Tracking

Not dissimilar to guided journals, a tracker journal can be very useful in providing a regular reminder and record of specific daily routines or schedules. They can suggest specific daily tasks on a single activity. Gym and fitness training schedules are a good example of this use of a notebook, as is dieting or other specific routines and tasks that you may be undertaking in that period.

Whether you are recording your daily activities and thoughts, following a specific schedule, keeping track of your dreams or food and drink intake, or working your way through a yoga program, journals can be very effective tools and aids. If would like to have your own personalised journal and know how to get a book printed and bound, then speak to an established print company. There are online print companies that specialise in luxury book printing, and they can advise you on how to design and publish the specific journal you want for your personal use.

Choose Book Printing

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