Why book printing on demand is ideal for self publishers

Many authors now use print-on-demand self-publishing to produce their finished works. It has long been a potential problem for authors – especially first-time writers – to know exactly what the next step is once their manuscript is finished. Whether to show it to friends or perhaps post it as a blog or send it to a publisher – an option that can prove expensive whilst also relinquishing control over your hard work.

Self-publishing book printing is answer – with the print-on-demand proving the most efficient and popular option.

Here are some reasons you should consider book printing on demand:

  • Print any kind of book from novels to textbooks
  • Publish books in any format or size
  • Only print as many copies as you need
  • Make regular content updates 
  • Reduce waste and storage requirements
  • Take complete control of your book printing

Print any kind of book from novels to textbooks

You can use print-on-demand to publish any kind of book, document or manuscript – novels, children’s books, textbooks and reference books – indeed, any genre of writing can all be produced with custom book printing.

Print-on-demand technology allows you to publish any kind of manuscript in any format and any size, whether it be in black and white or full colour and containing any photographs or illustrations.   

Publish bools in any format or size

With print-on-demand you can publish a book in any format – you can choose the size, the binding, and the finish. Whether you want a book that is small enough to carry around in your pocket, a long and slim style book, or a full-size glamourous coffee-table sized book custom book printing can deliver! Select whether you want your book to be a paperback or hardback, have flaps or jacket covers – you can choose exactly the finish and appearance you feel is most appropriate for your printed work.

Only print as many copies as you need

Print-on-demand allows you to produce as many copies of your book as you need at any time, so is ideal for a first run of a publication. You may not have an accurate picture of how successful or popular your book is going to be, so you can start by printing a small number of copies to ‘test the water’ and help you gauge the demand for your work – from there you can then periodically print as many copies as you need going forward thus keeping your printing costs down and avoiding large outlays.

If your work proves popular you can order a large print run – alternatively, if demand is low, you are safe in the knowledge that you have only printed a small amount and have not needlessly wasted money.

Make regular content updates

Another big advantage of this method of self-publishing book printing is that it allows you to update your work as and when required. The data files of your work exist already and can be easily accessed and updated and the amended version then printed in whatever volumes are required.

This is one of the reasons it is useful to produce a small print run initially – if the first run has spelling or grammatical errors, or some important detail missing then it will be discovered in the first publications – if you have only printed a small number, you can make the amendments without too many incorrect copies being published.

Reduce waste and storage requirements

This method of self-publishing book printing is the most economical because you only need to print the number of books you want or need at any given time. There is no need for excessive volume print-runs – you can keep track of the number of copies you produce along with the costs involved.  This means you can get your printing started with only a small budget and can then increase that, if and when necessary, thus relieving the need for a large, up-front printing budget!

Take complete control of your book printing

Because of the flexibility of custom book printing it is the most efficient and convenient method of self-publishing accessed – especially by first-time authors. Print-on-demand allows the author to have complete control over the book publishing process so you can have your work produced exactly as you want.

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