How to create a memory book for an amazing family gift

In a world where everything is digitalised, you can find so many of your photos get taken and then forgotten about in the ether of the web, and not presented in a tangible and tactile way. Even now, nothing beats a memory book. These items are so personal and physical that they hold more than just photographs and images, they generate memories of a special time and place that are held dear to whoever looks at them! We’ve pulled together our top tips on how to create an amazing family gift with memory books:

Gather plenty of content so that you have lots of choice

The first thing you need to do is decide what type of memory book this will be. Is it of a particular event or timeline? Or is it a string of events? Once you know what you are creating, you can start to compile all the images you have for this time. Once you have your images, give thought to what else you might want to include. Remember, for this to be a successful memory book, it needs to stand apart from a typical photo album. Give thought to what needs more emphasis and whether there are any other key elements that need consideration. Such as quotations, illustrations, clippings or key words, dates and places.   

Don’t rely on just your own photos either. There are times when you’re unable to take pictures of special moments in time, or have access to certain aspects you want to include. So be sure to ask others for help – there’s no reason why a memory book can’t be a collaborative effort.

Take time to choose your design carefully

There are many ways to make a memory book more special, and the design is one of them. If you know the content you are including, the design should be something that complements this. Whether you opt for clean lines or something bold and eye-catching, you want to ensure it ties in with the overall memory. You may opt for a shop bought scrap book or you might decide to go digital with design. There are many photo-editing programs out there where you can design your book from start to finish. And some that can even generate an autofill if you’re short on time. However, if you want to create something truly memorable, time invested in the design will be reflected in the final piece. 

Get creative and build a narrative

Visualise the story you want to tell and use that you help present your memory book in a reflective way. If you’re including a number of people you might want to consider giving each person their own chapter, whilst also incorporating shared family memories. This way each person has their own narrative and story to tell. Timelines are a simple and effective way to present information, but you can also opt for key moments or hobbies to highlight such as a sport or a club.

Tell a story by recording the mundane 

Depending on the type of memory book you are creating, make sure you don’t just include highlights. Make sure you include everything, even if that means showing someone falling over, upset or asleep on the couch. Memories are so much more than the event itself, and these added extras can help to spark a conversation. Photos don’t always tell the truth of what is going on behind so make sure you capture the lows as well as the highs to generate a well-rounded memory book. Life isn’t perfect, so your memory book doesn’t need to be either.


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