How To Plan And Design A Presentation Booklet

We’ve all attended presentations of various kinds on many different topics. Some presentations can be interesting, informative, and fun. Others can seem to last an eternity! In many cases though, an audience can be presented with a lot of information, sometimes difficult to absorb and understand at the pace the presentation is going. A great way to combat that situation, and further highlight and convey your presentation message, is to issue the audience with presentation booklets as an accompaniment. Here are some aspects of presentation booklet printing to consider:  

Reasons To Use Printed Handouts

Firstly, as discussed above, presentations can often contain a lot of detail and information. It is not always easy for your audience to take it all in, especially as some people will digest the information quicker than others. You want your audience to not only be presented with the relevant information and message, but to also remember it. Presentation booklet printing provides a great vehicle to achieve that aim. Those who attend your presentation will have a physical reminder of what they have been told, making the presentation more memorable and easier to recall when required. A printed booklet handout will act as a permanent reminder of your presentation, thus reinforcing, not only yourself as the presenter and your message, but also your company and your brand.

Your printed booklet can also act as permanent marketing material for your company. They are versatile items and are used in many forms for companies – product catalogues, instruction booklets etc. Printed booklets can be adapted for many marketing functions and, used as presentation handouts, you can include all the pertinent points from your presentation in a professional manner.

Things To Include –

  • Supplemental Information – Printed booklets provide an ideal opportunity to add supporting information to your presentation. Individual presentation slides often only provide enough space to highlight individual bullet points or aspects. You can use the printed booklet to supplement these highlighted points with the additional information and detail relevant to each item.
  • Design Synchronisation – Presentation booklets can be used to reinforce, not only your message, but your corporate image and brand. Synchronise the colours, images, and logo of your business in both the slides and the booklet. This will help connect the presentation with the booklet and present a unified image that is more memorable to your presentation audience.
  • Standalone Document – Make your printed booklet a ‘standalone’ document. Whilst you are using presentation booklet printing to produce an accompanying document to highlight and reinforce your presentation, it should also stand merit as an individual piece of marketing material. Create your booklet in such a way as it is an effective information document in its’ own right. So someone who couldn’t/didn’t attend your actual presentation can still easily obtain and understand the contents and details that were included in the original presentation.  
  • Quality – As stated, your presentation booklet should be a professional individual business document. Ensure that you use quality materials in its’ printing. High-quality paper, vivid images and colours, and a smart overall design will go a long way to producing an impressive document that, not only informs, but also exudes an impression of your company being high-end, quality, and professional.
  • Workbooks – An innovative and very productive way to use presentation booklet printing is to produce an informational booklet that also functions as a workbook. If, during your presentation, you either pause to allow the audience to take notes in appropriately allocated spaces in the workbook or make it an interactive experience with audience members filling in specific blanks for the presentation information being provided, then the message and detail become better ingrained in their memory, and you are providing them with a personalised reminder of the presentation they are attending.

You want your presentation to be useful and interesting – presentation booklets are that perfect aid to engage with your audience. The impact of professional full colour book printing can be powerful – the booklets will help the audience to better remember the details of your presentation, re-emphasise the important information you are delivering, and reinforce your corporate brand.  

Consult with an established online print company to get advice and guidance on printing and book binding to produce your quality printed presentation booklets.

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