Why And When To Use Full Colour Book Printing

When it comes to having your book printed you want the best possible presentation of your work. Full colour book printing provides that impact and appearance you want, whilst grabbing attention with images that appear full and bold. Colour printing is ideal for graphically portraying a story, or accurately depicting diagrams, or photograph. And, whereas full colour printing was once considered a luxury rather than a necessity, that is no longer the case with even short-run prints being affordable! Here are some aspects of full colour book printing to consider when placing your book printing services:

Full Colour Book Printing Process

Advanced inkjet technology has made full colour printing far more affordable and cost-effective by eliminating the need for the plates and storage required for the more traditional litho book printing. This use of the latest workflow technology, alongside the established digital colour presses, allows for colour printing of the quality of the litho printing, but without the previously prohibitive cost. Traditional colour printing costs meant that it was only really feasible for large print-runs of 250 copies upwards, but now short print-runs can prove both practical and profitable.

CMYK Printing Explained

So what exactly is full colour printing? It is often referred to as CMYK – Cyan, Magenta, Yellow and Black being the industry standard colour mixing technique used to achieve full colour printing. Full colour printing presses use these CMYK inks to absorb light which then reflects from the white card or paper underneath – it is a process similar with mixing paints as in a school project (mixing red and yellow to produce green etc.) and the range of colours that can be produced through CMYK is vast. Most book printing services companies can reproduce just about every imaginable colour, but for the rare specific colours not accessible, the printer will use a ‘spot’ colour, which are solid, individual colours created using a premixed ink.

Practical Uses For Colour Printing

Full colour book printing is ideal for many different book genres. Novels and children’s books can be especially enhanced with the vibrant images whilst more practical documents such as company brochures and marketing and promotional materials all greatly benefit from this high quality book printing process. Any form of book that carries photographs, or lots of reproduced images such as art books, photo albums and cookery books are all much more impressive and appear higher quality when printed in full colour, as well as not forgetting those coffee table tomes that adorn reception areas in offices and in many people’s houses!  

The advanced technologies used now in printing have made self-publishing much more accessible and, importantly, affordable with higher quality book printing in any-sized print runs. Speak with your book printing services company for advice on all aspects of publishing from book layout and design, binding options, and print production.   

Choose Book Printing

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