The Ultimate Guide To Printing Your Own Book

There has been massive growth for on-demand or online book printing – many people dream of writing a book and seeing it in print. It is now a relatively straightforward process to get your hard work onto a printed page by using an online book printing service. Here are the things you need to consider when self-publishing book printing:

Selecting your online book printing company

The first decision when you want to print your own book is to select a preferred online printing service provider. You can simply sign-in to their website and upload your PDF file containing your completed written work. From there, you need to make decisions on different aspects of the book you want printing.

Research all the varying paper types

There are many types of print paper available – you should choose a paper type that is the most appropriate for your style of book. Do you want full colour pages or black and white – which is better for the content of your book? Which looks better for your book – single or double-sided printed pages? For example, if printing a novel which would, typically, consist of mainly plain black and white text, you may opt for a plain white or cream paper with a lower gram – other types of books may look better printed on different coloured and thickness papers.  

Think about the size and shape of your book

 There are different book printing options available to anybody self-publishing – do you want your book to be printed as a paperback or hardback product? What is the size and format of the book you are publishing? The most common choices would be between A4 or A5 with your preferred option of page format – which is better suited to the type of book you are printing – landscape or portrait? 

Take a good look at your book binding options

There a few different options and styles from which to choose when considering the binding for your book. When self-publishing book printing, you need to consider the type of book you are producing – dependent upon the books content and category, you should select the most appropriate book binding finish you require. There are different specialised options for paperback or hardback books from saddle-stitched binding and perfect binding through to the less formal binding techniques such as Wire-O, ring, or spiral binding.

The quantity of books you want

Consider the number of copies you would like to produce – is the book you are printing for a mass market or just a select few family and friends to own?

Your book cover deserves special consideration

Online book printing companies can help you with your book cover design and finish (matte, gloss laminated) if you need – alternatively, if you have designed your own cover and had the appropriate artwork completed, then you can simply upload the finished design to the appropriate company website.

Whatever the content, size or format of your book, the number of copies you want printed and the finish you desire, utilising an online book printing company to print your own book will result in you having a professional printed work that you will be proud of, and other people can admire! 

Choose Book Printing

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