Tips For Writing And Publishing An Educational Text Book

Writing The Book

When producing a book, of any genre, there are relevant steps in the process – many people start worrying about the publishing and distribution aspects before they’ve actually started writing! First step – write your book! Consider who you are writing the book for – the age range and make-up of your target readership will influence the amount of detail and the language you will use in the text. Do some market research to establish the need or desire for the book you are about to write – is there a demand for this book amongst your target audience? Ensure the subject you are writing about is an area in which you have the relevant knowledge, expertise, and experience to be able to offer an accurate, credible, and useful educational book from which others can benefit. Make sure to include comprehensive, though understandable, information for your students – the content needs to be practical and detailed, but also able to read easily and be engaging.

With an educational book it is advisable to create it in a logical, modular fashion or style – students may want to use it as a reference guide on occasions, so they will ‘dip in and out’ of the content seeking a specific passage, chapter, or topic rather than read the book sequentially from cover to cover. Keep the language you use succinct and to the point – it is an educational tool not a leisure read – using active rather than passive language can make it appear more conversational than monographic and make the content more engaging for your readers.

Including exercises or case study activities can help break-up the main text of the content and further interact and engage with your reader, making it a more positive and enjoyable experience for them as well as providing a practical learning opportunity. If you can also highlight relevant reference points for the student – online resources etc. – this can also prove a positive reinforcement for engagement with your readers.

Ways of Editing Your Book

When your book is completed the next important step is to edit the material. If you are an active teacher or lecturer, then ‘trialing’ some of the content of your book in a practical environment can give you vital feedback as to the impact your book may have. Test whether the students understand the content in these practical situations – can they complete the exercises and case studies successfully? It is always a good idea to then have your book professionally edited – an expert, ‘outside’ opinion of the format, content and presentation of your book is important to obtain before shelling out on your book publication.   

Consider Your Publishing Options

There are different options for publishing your book – the more traditional avenue was to submit your work to an established publishing house but that could prove a lengthy and expensive process plus the fact that the publishing company would be able to exercise editorial control over your work. An easier and more attractive option is to self-publish – modern software and a choice of professional online publishers make this a good choice for schoolbook printing. To get a book printed online is a straightforward process – choose an online publisher and consult with their expert staff as they will guide you through the process for uploading your book content in the correct format and they will also advise you in the best choice of book cover, binding, and presentation to get your book ready for sale and distribution.

Promotional Activity to Raise Awareness

There are many ways to promote your book and, like for most products and services these days, using the countless social media platforms are the most effective. Online platforms such as Twitter, Google Plus, Facebook and Instagram all attract massive numbers of users. As your target audience for an educational book is likely to be the younger generation, these are the most visible and effective outlets. 

How to Distribute Your Title

Again, the best option for distribution of your printed schoolbook is the online avenues. If you can get bookstores to carry your title or, perhaps, university and schools to buy direct from you, then all well and good. But these days you do not need a bookstore chain for distribution. Online vehicles such as Amazon sell the biggest share of books of every genre and is probably the easiest and most successful way to sell your book.  

Choose Book Printing

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