Why use softcover books for photos?

Photo books are the perfect way to capture moments we’ve taken time to photograph. They create a lovely keepsake or trip down memory lane and are an excellent way to chronicle all the details of special moments in time. By putting all the photos you associate with a particular event, place or person in one printed location, you can have a treasured piece to look back on for years to come, on premium grade paper, rather than stored and lost in your phone or camera.

When creating a photobook, one of the main factors to consider is the cover; hard or soft?  And there are many more reasons why softcover photo books might be the right choice. Let’s take a look:

Cheaper than hard back

People are taking more photos now than they have ever done before. This is because people have easier access to taking photos. Their phones provide an instant picture and many can quickly edit between which are worthy of keeping and which can be deleted. To avoid having them simply stored on the phone, photo books are a great way to compartmentalise images and bunch together specific events, places or people.

With the increase in photos, comes the increase in photo books. And as we all know, softcover book printing is a lot cheaper than hard cover book printing. Of course, you may feel a particular event is more worthy of a hard cover but in many instances, a softcover is just as good and comes at a fraction of the price.

Flexible and flippable

Softcover books are easier to flip through. With the cover as soft as the inner pages, the book has a flexibility to it, similar to a magazine, but sturdier. Whilst Hard backs might be sturdier and more durable, they have a rigid feel to them which makes it difficult when searching back and forth at photos. 

Ideal for the smaller memories

Whilst the bigger memories, like a wedding, milestone birthday or retirement might be better suited to a hard back cover, all those in-between moments that are just as precious may be better suited to a softcover booklet. Especially, as there are a lot more of the smaller moments and memories that make up our everyday lives, which are just as important to document.

Perfect for gifts

Softcover photo books are a great choice for a gift for almost anyone! They don’t take much time to make and are more thoughtful and personal than other gifts. This type of gift will stand the test of time rather than a something bought off the shelf. Of course, if the occasion allows for it, a hard cover might work better, but more often than not, a softcover is more than adequate.

Easier to pack and store

Softcover books don’t tend to have a spine, making them thinner and therefore easier to pack or store away if shelf space is limited. And being lighter than hard cover books, they are easier and cheaper to post out to friends and family.

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