5 Uses For Small Booklet Printing

An often under-utilised, but very effective, tool for marketing these days is the printed booklet. There are different types or styles of printed booklets, also often referred to as brochures or magazines. Small booklet printing, and clever booklet design, can be very cost effective and have a myriad of different applications that could benefit your business. Here are five of the more common uses of printed booklets:

Product Catalogues

Whilst digital online catalogues may give you all the information you might want about your product, there’s nothing quite like the tactile satisfaction of handling the glossy pages, with high-definition photographs and images that give a printed catalogue that touch of class! It’s great to be able to hand out a physical catalogue at a trade fair or business exhibition and have your potential customer take home a hard copy of your products. They’re also effective marketing tools if mailed out to existing or potential new customers. A well-designed, high-quality printed booklet will be kept and potentially picked up and referred to again and again, and will provide a physical presence, and therefore a regular reminder of your products for a customer, as opposed to an online image that can be forgotten as instantly as it leaves the screen.

Annual Reports Booklets

Many businesses issue annual reports detailing their financial year. Printed booklets are a great vehicle for presenting this information to business owners, directors, shareholders, and employees and to highlight the successes – or shortcomings – of the company performance for that period.   

Theatre Programme Booklets

For many, going to the theatre, or a concert, is a special occasion and treat. Like most things that we consider to be special, people like to have a souvenir of the event to remind them of the night. Printed programmes not only provide information about the event – the characters, actors, musicians, and production information. But also provide that special keepsake souvenir that allows you to look back on the occasion. 

Branded Content Magazines

These printed booklets are hugely collectable and therefore a great marketing vehicle. Often produced monthly or weekly, shoppers will happily pick up these free magazines in their favourite retail outlets. These booklets present information in an easily digestible and entertaining way. Magazines that offer both reading content and promotional offers will be referred to repeatedly and therefore act as a great source for brand reinforcement.

Training Manual/Employee Handbooks

Within the corporate environment, most organisations will issue employees with staff handbooks. These can contain employment rules and regulations, along with staff procedures and working terms and conditions. Very often they will contain training information and exercises, whilst acting as an individual personal log for progress through various stages of their employment and upskilling, as well as company values and ethos.

Other Small Booklets

Other useful applications for small booklet printing include university prospectuses, restaurant menus, newsletters, photo books, health and safety guides and children’s activity books, amongst others.

Choose Book Printing 

With regards to book printing and binding, it is always advisable to consult with an established book printing business who will be able to advise you on small booklet printing design, content, layout, and finish. They will also be able to advise in the better printing technique for your booklets – they will highlight the differences of short run vs litho printing depending on the size of the booklet you want printed and the number of copies you require.

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